facilityWCK Fitness is a fat loss program in Mississauga that was created by combining conditioning drills from kickboxing and karate in a way that’s accessible to the average person. It was designed to use interval cardio training to keep your body in a constant fat burning state while the punching and kicking drills help to tone your butt, legs and arms. It was created so that even a beginner can enjoy the benefits while tough enough that an advanced client will still find it challenging.


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MKG-1003Sensei Bane Stevovic is a 6th degree black belt with over 40 years experience in karate and kickboxing in which he has taught and held his own dojo (school) for over 27 years . He was awarded the title of Most Successful Coach in 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1985 . Sensei Stevovic has completed the Karate Instructor Program at the Long Island University in Brooklyn , New York where he was also awarded the Distinguished Instructor Award.  He is also one of contributing authors in “Karate Training”  book on the scientific approach to training athletes of different ages as well as a contributing author to “Karate: Martial Art and Sport Vol. 7”.  Furthermore , he has organized many world class seminars at his dojo and gave a presentation entitled “Warm Up in Traditional Sports Karate” at the Karate Sport Science Symposium held in 2008 in Toronto .

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